Food and Drink Blog: Ottawa’s Newest Smoothie Place

Raw Pulp+Grind.                                                                        Photo taken by Hannah Berge. 01/13/17.

Are you tired of going to the same place for smoothies every week? Do you want to try something new and even more delicious? If the answer is yes, then Raw Pulp +Grind is the place for you. Raw is a healthy, vegan café that serves smoothies, salads, juices, and more—all made from organic ingredients. I’m not a vegan myself, and I know that lots of people shy away from vegan food, however the smoothies that I get here are better than any non-vegan smoothie I’ve ever had.

Located in Little Italy, Raw has now been open in Ottawa for just over four months. So far, it has attracted a lot of business. It’s easy to understand why. Raw is one of the few places where you can eat delicious food, know it’s healthy, and know exactly where the ingredients came from. They use as much local produce as possible, getting their wheatgrass from butterfly farms, and their coffee beans directly from farmers. Obviously it isn’t possible to have a year round supply of fresh fruit, so what isn’t in season comes from the States.

Raw tries to make as much in-store as possible. They even make their own mayonnaise. But one of their most popular products is their cold-pressed juices, which they make in the basement of the store. Personally, I just go for the smoothies, but I know people love the juices.

The café itself is very inviting, filled with bright colours and big windows. The café encourages you to get comfortable and relax as you enjoy your food. My favourite thing about Raw is the back sitting room. One wall is painted with different patterns and colours, while the other is wood panelled with hanging plants. Perfect for all the hipster vegans in the city.

One thing I would definitely recommend trying off the menu are their Açai Bowls. A thick smoothie topped with fresh fruit, seeds, and nuts. Each one is different and delicious. I would personally recommend the PB Crunch. It’s stocked full with a ton of ingredients your body will love—protein powder, flax, and hemp seeds, but it still tastes great. And it’s topped with fruit, chocolate, and peanut butter. It’s nice to know that no matter how delicious the food is here, it is still good for you. One of these Acai Bowls is $10, but they are definitely filling, and I consider them a full meal.

PB Crunch Acai Bowl. Photo taken by Hannah Berge. 01/13/17.

Sabrina Madore, an employee at Raw, shared that she works at the café to work towards her goal of “making vegan meals that are enjoyable for non-vegans.” And that is definitely what Raw is doing. I’ll admit, sometimes I am skeptical about vegan food, but Raw is the place to visit to break down those barriers.

If Little Italy isn’t the most convenient place for you to get to don’t worry—there are other places around Ottawa that are similar to this. A cheaper option is definitely Juice Monkey, and they even offer the option to customize your smoothie. Like Raw, they pride themselves on healthy food, and healthy lifestyle.

I highly recommend visiting either place to shake up your smoothie routine.


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