Canadians Collide on Carbon Tax

Members of Parliament gathered in the House of Commons for a Question Period on Oct. 7, 2016 in which much of the discussion was surrounding the issue of carbon tax. Trudeau’s Liberal government plans to introduce carbon tax to help fight climate change, while simultaneously helping the economy grow, “We know that the economy and the environment go hand in hand,” said the Environment and Climate Change Minister Catherine McKenna.

British Colombia has already introduced a carbon tax, and has used the funds gained from it to help benefit the province- this is the main point McKenna used to back up her argument. She stated, “Any revenue raised from pricing solution will remain in the province.” The Liberals want to use the extra money to fund green energy programs within the province to increase the number of jobs.

The Conservatives disagree with this tax and believe that it will only hurt middle-class families in Canada. “The working guy, filling up his Ford Focus, will pay an 11-cent- per-litre tax to fund green handouts to Porsche driving millionaires, why?” said Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre.

Poilievre, along with many other Party Representatives believe that introducing the carbon tax will only make the lives of middle-class families worse, while further improving the lives of a few, rich Canadians.

McKenna consistently responded to the angry Conservative and New Democratic Party (NDP) MP’s by saying, “If the party opposite is so concerned about the middle class I am wondering why they didn’t support our middle class tax cut.”

McKenna spoke about how the money gained from the carbon tax will be given back to small business and families, as she said it is done in British Columbia. However the other parties greatly disagree with this, and Poilievre said, “Never has a program taken from so many, to give so much, to so few.” Because the tax will increase the prices of groceries, heat, and gas, Poilievre said that this tax will negatively affect the middle-class the greatest, as they are the ones spending the most money on these items.

Throughout the Question Period, the issue of carbon tax was continuously brought up without McKenna ever actually answering the question of how much this will cost for Canadian middle-class families. It seems that Conservatives and Liberals have very different views on carbon tax, and how it will affect Canadian citizens.

The Liberals want to grow the economy while improving our impact on the environment, while the Conservatives appear to believe that this will only put more Canadians in debt. Only when the tax is actually introduced will the citizens of Canada be able to see how it affects their lives directly.


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