Humans of Ottawa- Keeping Your Passion Alive

When life hits you with something terrible, you have to deal with it one way or another. When Wendy Lee, a woman with a passion for teaching, was diagnosed with depression she realized that she would have to give up the job she loves.

                                   Wendy Lee discusses her battles over coffee in Chapters.                                  Photo taken by Hannah Berge. 08/03/2016.

Tragically, three years ago, Lee was diagnosed with a treatment resistant type of depression. She found herself becoming fatigued very easily, and could not last the entire school day.

Forced to quit her job earlier than she wanted, she found herself feeling miserable and lost. Admittedly, three years later, she has still not fully come to terms with it,

“For a long time I was convinced I would get back, and then it turned into well maybe I’ll be able to get back, and then okay… I’m not going to be able to get back.”

Lee still ways $160 a month to keep her teaching license, unable to completely let go.

However her passion is not completely lost. Lee now volunteers at a literacy program. Twice a week she meets with a 22 year old woman with MS, who’s disability has developed into a learning disorder. Lee helps her learn to love reading.

As Lee helps the woman, she also helps Lee “keep a toe” in her passion. Life may have thrown something unexpected at her, but she is still able to keep her love of teaching alive.



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