Humans of Ottawa- Empath Recognizes Her Gift

Many people shy away from the question, “Do you think there is anything significant about yourself?” However, when I approached Amy Pearce in a mall on a Saturday afternoon she was quick to respond,

“I have recently discovered that I am something that is called an empath.”

Amy Pearce helps raise money in a breast                               cancer awareness garden.                             Photo taken by Hannah Berge. 06/02/2016.

Pearce explained that an empath is a spiritual term for someone who can feel things very deeply, and can know how other people feel without actually talking to them. Empaths are often confided in by other people, and Pearce said that strangers will often come up to her with their problems.

When I met Pearce she was surrounded by pink and white flowers, with rose vines creating archways. A miniature garden in the middle of the mall- the entire experience was very fitting.

The flower garden was set up as a place for people to donate money to breast cancer awareness, Pearce greeted guests with a warm smile.

Pearce admitted that she was worried about people approaching her to tell their own personal experiences with breast cancer.

For Pearce, being an empath can be overwhelming at times because she feels as if she is coping with everyone else’s problems as well as her own.

“Sometimes I need to block myself from all of the other people’s stuff,” said Pearce.

However by accepting her spiritual path, Pearce is able to look at it as a gift, and embrace herself.



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